Chef 10.16.0 Released!

We have a Chef release for you today and I’m personally pretty happy with keeping up release pace with community development.

This release includes client-side support for collecting a summary of resource statistics on the total number of resources and number of resources updated in a run. Without server side support for parsing the data, no statistics are transmitted. If you use Opscode Hosted Chef, you can disable statistics collection with ‘enable_reporting false’ in your client.rb.

  • shef (known as chef-shell after Chef 11) now supports node.run_list.add
  • knife now supports ‘environment from file’


John Dewey has been contributing to Chef and cookbooks for over a year. He is also a member of the Openstack community and has been contributing his experience to our combined community. He improved the debian init scripts in this release to use ‘which’ instead of fixed paths so they’ll work better across different installations. We’re grateful to have his broad help in the project, and he is this release’s MVP!

Chris Roberts refactored parts of Chef::Application to help when using Chef as a library
Caleb Tennis added support for custom repositories in the pacman package provider
Teemu Matilainen correct a security issue that left bootstrap templates readable
John Skopis fixed a bug in the ifconfig provider related to cleaning up configs
Zac Stevens allowed whitespace while specifying run list arguments
Milos Gajdos resolved an issue when knife ssh received empty search results
Thomas Dudziak added command line arguments for knife configure

Release Notes


  • [CHEF-3358] – server\_services using incorrect path to executable under init init\_style and 12.04 ubuntu
  • [CHEF-3413] – bootstrap/distro templates leave secret files world readable
  • [CHEF-3484] – knife ssh plugin fails with following statement: `block in configure\_session': undefined method `[]' for nil:NilClass (NoMethodError)
  • [CHEF-3489] – chef-client should permit whitespace in –override-runlist
  • [CHEF-3508] – Improper usage of Fileutils#rm\_f in Chef::Provider::Ifconfig


  • [CHEF-2826] – pacman (arch package provider) doesn't allow for custom package repos
  • [CHEF-3455] – Add commandline options to allow scripting of knife configure –initial
  • [CHEF-3469] – Chef::RunList should have an #add method
  • [CHEF-3478] – Isolate Chef::Client instance run within method

New Feature

  • [CHEF-1914] – As a chef user I want to load all my environments from files with one command

Bryan McLellan