Chef 10.12.0 Released!

New Versioning

We’ve reordered out versioning so instead of Chef 0.10.12 this is Chef 10.12.0. This is for the same reasons as our recent Ohai release. We wanted to be able to provide small patch releases that just fixed major bugs quickly and weren’t using the first part of the version anyway so we rotated them around. With the updated versioning scheme of X.Y.Z, you can expect Z releases to just include patches to bugs in the last release and new but backward compatible features to be in the Y releases. Major changes to Chef that aren’t so backward compatible will be in the X releases.

The Rubygem packages and Debian packages are up. All of the Opscode Omnibus packages should be available but they’re under a new build system and the artifacts are named differently. Tomorrow we will announce all of the systems now supported under Omnibus with an official announcement and point those of you who have been beta testing Omnibus to the new correct places.


For his work on the override runlist feature and continued support thereof, this releases MVP award goes to Chris Roberts, thanks Chris!

Release Notes

  • The Opscode Omnibus chef-full template will now default to installing the same version of Chef that you are running by downloading the latest revision of the installer for that version from the S3 bucket
  • A significant refactor of the link provider resolved a number of issues
  • This release fixes an regression that caused Chef 0.10.10 to not work on Windows Server 2003
  • A regression in the mdadm provider was resolved
  • A number of debugging messages related to dynamic provider mapping have been silenced
  • A bug that was placing cache files in /etc/chef was resolved
  • Chris Roberts fixed a bug in the override-runlist chef-client option that was causing original runlist to get overwritten and fixed a bug in the long-form command line argument for that feature
  • Renaud Chaput added support for specifying a custom logger when starting Chef from the Debian init.d script
  • Mathieu Sauve-Frankel refactored knife ssh to use Shellout
  • Tollef Fog Heen fixed a failing case in the securable unit test


  • [CHEF-1328] – All service providers ignore ignore_failure attribute
  • [CHEF-2389] – link provider is not idempotent when used with relative link (to)
  • [CHEF-2887] – FFI bindings not backward compatible with Windows XP
  • [CHEF-3099] – Platform mapping debugging messages confusing / noisy
  • [CHEF-3102] – Link resource fails when owner/group is set
  • [CHEF-3103] – Typo in long form option
  • [CHEF-3106] – cache_options puts checksum files into etc, instead of var
  • [CHEF-3108] – remove mixlib-shellout version dependency
  • [CHEF-3110] – link resource fails when changing owner of link to nonexistent file
  • [CHEF-3111] – link resource silently fails to switch a link from symbolic to hard
  • [CHEF-3112] – link resource fails when link file already exists but is not a link to the target
  • [CHEF-3123] – mdadm does not work on debian squeeze
  • [CHEF-3126] – "can't convert nil to String" error in `link` resource
  • [CHEF-3129] – "mode" on Windows errors out where before it silently failed
  • [CHEF-3135] – Notifications from remote_file resource not working
  • [CHEF-3142] – Function 'Quer ySecurityAccessMask' not found in [advapi32] (FFI::NotFoundError) when running "chef-client –version" on Windows Server 2003 R2 SP2
  • [CHEF-3143] – gem_package under omnibus not properly detecting path or setting gem_binary
  • [CHEF-3153] – securable_spec uses load to reset configuration, breaking rake spec
  • [CHEF-3155] – Chef::Win32 constant collides with ::Win32 constant, causing confusing NoMethodErrors
  • [CHEF-3166] – chef-full bootstrap passes no bootstrap_version parameter by default
  • [CHEF-3167] – Run list override causes empty run list to be saved
  • [CHEF-3203] – chef v0.10.10 & chef-expander v0.10.10 have conflicting dependencies on yajl


  • [CHEF-3114] – convert knife ssh to chef/mixin/shell_out
  • [CHEF-3136] – Debian init.d prevents the use of a custom Chef logger

Bryan McLellan