Chef 10.14.4 Released!

We have another patch release for 10.14 for you today. This release is mostly fixes to the deploy provider and the error inspectors. The usual Rubygems, Debian packages and Omnibus packages are all up.

Kendrick Martin was really helpful with some debugging work this release and has really been improving the Windows cookbooks. We’re naming him this releases MVP, congratulations and thanks Kendrick!

Past MVP Xabier de Zuazo improved the error output when searching for nodes in knife ssh.
Leif Madsen and Andrew Crump helped fix a change that affected minitest-handler runs.
Kelley Reynolds fixed an output bug with the knife print_after option.
Kenneth Kalmer provided a fix for a bug in the registration error inspector.

Release Notes


  • [CHEF-3402] – knife ssh says "No nodes returned from search!" when FQDN attribute is missing
  • [CHEF-3405] – [regression] provider_for_resource changes post-10.12.0 breaks node attribute usage in MiniTest::Chef
  • [CHEF-3416] – Incorrect reference to object.raw_data when editing a data bag with print_after specified
  • [CHEF-3435] – deploy resource doesn't create the deploy_to or shared_path directories
  • [CHEF-3443] – Failed registration results in an exception, masking the true failure
  • [CHEF-3449] – callback scripts in deploy/ directory of deployed application repository no longer get run
  • [CHEF-3454] – Notications based on HEAD http request broken
  • [CHEF-3456] – error inspectors (sometimes) do not show relevant file content
  • [CHEF-3460] – for loops + indentation in "bash" resource heredocs breaks the new exception handler
  • [CHEF-3461] – Error reporting code masks true error
  • [CHEF-3468] – Output inspect hides real error when environment is not found


  • [CHEF-3439] – use knife[:ssh_attribute] for override

Bryan McLellan