Chef 10.14.2 Released!

We reordered our versioning with the release of 10.12.0 to facilitate point releases that just contain bug fixes. Here is your first one.


Phil Dibowitz contributed awesome improvements to knife that were released in 10.14.0, such as batching for knife cookbook upload -a.

Nagios cookbook hero Tim Smith helped find a couple of the bugs that we fixed in this release.

We’re grateful you are both a part of the Chef community, and you are the co-MVPs for this release!

Community contributions

* Gilles Devaux provided a fix for a bug in ‘knife ssh’ when connecting to a cloud provider.
* Max Stepanov tracked down a bug related to displaying roles in the WebUI.

Release Notes


  • [CHEF-3355] – knife status doesn't respect –no-color option or lack of a tty while colorizing output
  • [CHEF-3395] – group resource requires gid be an integer but uid allows string
  • [CHEF-3423] – user resource and manage home regression
  • [CHEF-3424] – Compile and Resource Failure inspectors don't support windows paths in stack traces
  • [CHEF-3425] – Systemd 'service' resources use overly strict resource requirements, inherited from Chef::Provider::Service::Simple
  • [CHEF-3429] – usermod tool launched incorrectly
  • [CHEF-3431] – roles/index is broken
  • [CHEF-3433] – knife ssh does not work

Bryan McLellan