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Ohai 0.6.12 released!

The next release of Ohai is upon us and includes the new platform_family attribute as well as Oracle Linux support. Cookbook authors are often writing cookbooks that support both Debian based Linux distributions, such as Ubuntu, and Redhat based Linux distributions, such as CentOS.

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An Opscode year in review

Like most open source projects, Chef began with an itch. From a small group of friends and colleagues, a band of system administrators who wanted a better way to build infrastructure, we have grown into a large and supportive community.

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Finding recently created hosts with Chef

When you utilize cloud resources as a commodity, it can sometimes be hard to differentiate between individual systems. While testing some Chef installations on EC2 instances I asked myself, “which of these instances registered with my Chef server did I create a few hours ago?

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Chef 0.10.8 released

For the holidays this year, we really want to give our fellow Windows Systems Administrators a leg-up in the DevOps cultural revolution. What better way to tear down walls and bring together two groups with historically opposed expectations from their company leadership, than with a common tool.

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Chef Client Installer for Windows

It is likely that you have already heard about Windows support in Chef, from early blog posts on the work to press releases. But, one milestone that we have reached that may have slipped under your radar is the Chef installer for Windows.

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Chef Community Site Cookbook Browsing

We have added source code browsing and README parsing features to the community site. When browsing a cookbook, you will find a new tab at the top labeled “Source Code” and selecting this will allow you to review the files in the latest version of that cookbook.

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Chef 0.10.6 Released

It has been only three months since 0.10.4 and we have another huge release for you. Once again, the Chef community has delivered. Andrea Campi of European consulting shop Zephirworks has been hard at work.

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Ohai 0.6.10 Released

We’ve got more Ohai fixes coming out the door today. A while back Gordon Thiesfeld came up with a solution for fixing codepages in Ohai on Windows and Doug MacEachern came up with the patch. Laurent Désarmes provided additional checks to the code that sets ipaddress.

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Ohai 0.6.8 Released

Mondays Ohai release had some regressions that we wanted to resolve right away, so we have another release for you today. Bryan W. Berry quickly found and resolved an issue where the new LSB support on Redhat based systems was returning platform as ‘redhatenterpriseserver’. Thanks for that speedy work Bryan, you are this releases MVP!

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Ohai 0.6.6 Released

We’ve got a new release of Ohai, the tool that Chef uses to collect node data. Rubygems and Debian packages are available now. This release resolves an exception with StringIO that users of newer versions of systemu may be seeing.

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