Ohai 0.6.8 Released

Mondays Ohai release had some regressions that we wanted to resolve right away, so we have another release for you today.

Bryan W. Berry quickly found and resolved an issue where the new LSB support on Redhat based systems was returning platform as ‘redhatenterpriseserver’. Thanks for that speedy work Bryan, you are this releases MVP!

A few users ran into an issue with the filesystem plugin, which was quickly fixed by Hall of Fame’r Matthew Kent.

Thanks to Ivan Larionov, Joseph Reynolds, Sergio Rubio and Matthew Kent (again!) for their help refactoring and testing the Xen plugin to as many use cases as possible.

The documentation also got some love from Warwick Poole who fixed up links in the README files.

Release Notes


  • [OHAI-299] – Xen guest detecting as xen host
  • [OHAI-300] – broken filesystem plugin
  • [OHAI-301] – ohai doesn't properly munge platform when redhat-lsb package is installed


  • [OHAI-297] – Wiki links in Ohai docs refer to old locations

Bryan McLellan