Ohai 0.6.6 Released

We’ve got a new release of Ohai, the tool that Chef uses to collect node data. Rubygems and Debian packages are available now.

This release resolves an exception with StringIO that users of newer versions of systemu may be seeing. An issue was resolved where reading data from the Etc module wouldn’t maintain the encoding, causing some issues with UTF-8 characters. We also resolved an issue under Ruby 1.9.2 on Windows with WIN32OLE.

Jason J. W. Williams has been working on awesome Solaris support. He added detection for derivatives such as OpenSolaris and Nexenta, as well as fixed an IPv6 and IPv4 address collision bug. We love when people expand Ohai for their favorite platform, and we’ve chosen Jason as this releases’ MVP. Thanks Jason!

We have a good deal of added support for detecting various environments. Tomoyuki Sakurai gives us FreeBSD jails, Domenico Delle Side provided code to detect virtualbox guests, Holger Just and Joseph Reynolds fixed up Xen detection and Eric Buth patched Rackspace Cloud detection.

Prior MVP Toomas Pelberg fixed an issue with SuSE detection and continues to rock adding tests with a test for ensuring that Ohai continues gracefully when a plugin fails.

Augusto Becciu fixed an issue in the ip_scopes plugin with certain interface edge cases.

As usual, big thanks to the community for all their work and support. Chef 0.10.6 is on deck for testing soon.

Release Notes


  • [OHAI-110] – Ohai fails to detect virtualbox guests
  • [OHAI-201] – Ohai should fail gracefully when optional plugins are missing dependencies
  • [OHAI-245] – Encoding errors on Ruby 1.9.2
  • [OHAI-267] – identifying rackspace's managed cloud instances
  • [OHAI-272] – platform_version for SuSE 11.3 is an empty String
  • [OHAI-273] – Unable to find version for Windows 2003 Server R2 node
  • [OHAI-275] – Ohai's strings are incorrectly marked as ASCII-8BIT on Ruby 1.9
  • [OHAI-276] – ip_scopes plugin fails when there's a network interface without addresses like linux's sit
  • [OHAI-281] – Solaris platform plugin does not work with GNU uname on OpenIndiana/OpenSolaris.
  • [OHAI-282] – IPv6 addresses blow away IPv4 addresses during Ohai Solaris network detection.
  • [OHAI-291] – StringIO needs to be required in ruby 1.8.7


  • [OHAI-253] – Detect Xen guests more reliable
  • [OHAI-288] – report FreeBSD jail guest/host

New Feature

  • [OHAI-70] – add support for reporting routing tables to the network plugin

Bryan McLellan