Chef Community Site Cookbook Browsing

We have added source code browsing and README parsing features to the community site.

When browsing a cookbook, you will find a new tab at the top labeled “Source Code” and selecting this will allow you to review the files in the latest version of that cookbook. Now you can review a cookbook to see what it does before you download it, as well as browse the full collection of cookbooks and use them as examples for writing your own. You will find there is already a wealth of cookbooks available to learn from and utilize in building your own infrastructure.

You will also notice that the default cookbook page, represented by the “Details” tab, now displays the content of the README file included with the cookbook. This allows cookbook authors to publish useful information with a cookbook, such as what platforms they have tested it on and what use cases they have designed for.

For best results, cookbooks should have a file named “” written in the popular markdown format. As you can see on the MySQL cookbook, markdown helps formatting the README for viewing in a web browser, making displaying it on the community site seamless and improving readability; you almost can’t tell that the content was loaded directly from the cookbook.

We are continuing to work on the community site and expanding these features. Give them a try and let us know what you think!

Bryan McLellan