Ohai 0.6.10 Released

We’ve got more Ohai fixes coming out the door today.

A while back Gordon Thiesfeld came up with a solution for fixing codepages in Ohai on Windows and Doug MacEachern came up with the patch. Laurent Désarmes provided additional checks to the code that sets ipaddress.

We found that the newest version of systemu was broken on Windows running on Ruby 1.9. Additionally, we weren’t properly setting platform on Amazon Linux.

We designed Chef to be extensible, so we’re always to see people do so! Nicolas Szalay created a Chef dashboard called cuisine and James Brinkerhoff created a Voxel plugin for knife. Thanks guys! You’re co-MVPs for this release.

Release Notes


  • [OHAI-101] – ohai on vista bails with malformed json
  • [OHAI-304] – Amazon AMI platform detection change since 0.6.4 broke chef.
  • [OHAI-306] – platform_version not returned when running under Windows Ruby 1.9.2
  • [OHAI-307] – small bug in the network plugin

Bryan McLellan