Chef 10.16.2 Released!

More patches, more love

We’ve have a bug fix release for you today. Included are a couple fairly critical bug fixes for an issue with incorrect permissions with cookbook_file and remote_file on Windows. Also included is a whyrun fix for remote_directory.

Jamie Winsor has been a member of the Chef community and a great advocate for a long time. He’s probably most well known for his work on Berkshelf, the cookbook dependency handler. Thanks for being a big part of our community Jamie! You are this releases’ MVP!

Edward Sargisson fixed a bug with knife cookbook site install on windows

Release Notes


  • [CHEF-3394] – knife cookbook site install on Windows fails with 'Cannot open: I/O error' from tar
  • [CHEF-3547] – Wrong Permission are Set
  • [CHEF-3552] – remote\_directory does not support whyrun – throws EEXISTS
  • [CHEF-3554] – remote\_file fails on windows with error related to user name
  • [CHEF-3561] – Error inspectors seem to quash template error contextual information

Bryan McLellan