Chef 10.26.0 Released

This release adds a feature for setting user passwords on Solaris, fixes a bug in Resource.const_defined?, and adds SSL root certificates to the Omnibus packages.

Ranjib Dey added support for Google Cloud Engine Linux (GCEL), Google’s Ubuntu derivative. Thanks Ranjib! You’re this releases MVP! In addition to building out more cloud support, Ranjib has been a great addition to the community, helping many others with Chef and Chef testing. Lately he’s been working on chef-stage which provides an LWRP for multi-stage Chef client runs.

Zac Stevens and Matthew Horan helped improve the error that resulted when you tried to replace a frozen cookbook.

Aaron Blythe found an issue with haml >= 4.0.0 and fixed it with a version constraint.


As mentioned in the 10.24.4 release, you can get checksums for the Omnibus packages from the new metadata API:

$ curl ‘;pv=12.04&amp;m=x86_64&amp;v=10.26.0’ <br />
md5 637b14030e89dbff375387984aab4812
sha256 54033fbff9ba7add545cb4ac48defbb7062a69e14ade088e956c4f4da6d22a5e

f9bd7368232ca3941719b5f3e29635cd565dca5c99d5943c5434321a626a6b72 chef-10.26.0.gem
7cf48770abd315974cb2c931d2329d77ad251bee5dd94307ac2e07779a751b96 chef-server-10.26.0.gem
02d5ff329cf210fda8a4f382b9427eba112a89e97cdec95d3a05626d9c433334 chef-server-api-10.26.0.gem
bb8347d0eb1598a1e4d1109e8e06e782f3fd883a343640bead46470cd9489371 chef-solr-10.26.0.gem
7f1d4cbec2d17270aa46649fc11c13c094e1e1efb320c14493357bf790d0749f chef-server-webui-10.26.0.gem
5d8b30a205d8d059b25fa3618a581bd821883d7570e101b12eeb9a1fc2cd2ce9 chef-expander-10.26.0.gem

Release Notes


  • [CHEF-1707] – unable to set password for user on solaris
  • [CHEF-2467] – 11: Attributes set in role not available via node object when running shef in client mode.
  • [CHEF-2840] – SSL Verification fails using omnibus installer because of missing certs
  • [CHEF-3452] – uploading frozen cookbooks shows unfriendly error message
  • [CHEF-3784] – Deprecation warning with override run list
  • [CHEF-3898] – chef-server-webui haml dependency issue.
  • [CHEF-4123] – Chef-10.24.4 break Chef-server bootstrap installation

New Feature

  • [CHEF-3880] – Recognize GCEL as a platform

Bryan McLellan