Chef Client 12.1.2 Released

Today we have pushed a small bugfix release of the Chef Client. This release includes some critical updates for some users, and includes a new version of OpenSSL.

### Changelog

* Issue 3022: Homebrew Cask install fails
* Issue 3059: Chef 12.1.1 yum_package silently fails
* Issue 3078: Compat break in audit-mode changes

The Changelog is also included in the source.

### OpenSSL Update

This build also includes OpenSSL 1.0.1m on Linux/BSD/OS X platforms and 1.0.0r on Windows. This upgrade is due to the OpenSSL security announcement from last week. For more information read our blog post about that announcement.

### Release post-mortem

The community will be holding a post-mortem tomorrow to discuss the high number of regressions in the 12.1.0 release. More details on that meeting can be found here.

Bryan McLellan