Chef Client 11.2.0, 10.20.0 Released!

On Wednesday a new version of the net-ssh gem was released that modified its dependencies on other Ruby libraries. These changes caused Rubygems to be unable to calculate a set of dependencies for a number of applications, including Chef. This made it not possible to install Chef from a gem package without extensive workarounds. We immediately began work on releasing a new version of Chef Client 11 and 10. Although it was theoretically possible for users of the Omnibus packages to be affected by this case, it was a rare possibility and we received no reports of it. Consequently we released the new versions to Rubygems immediately after internal testing rather than waiting for Omnibus builds to be prepared. After some fixes to the tests we released the Omnibus packages today.

Gem constraints were updated on JSON + eventmachine, and relaxed on em-http-request + net-ssh in this release. This is why both versions were released as minor updates.

The 11.2.0 release also includes the new knife sub-command ‘knife user’. In Chef 11 the authentication objects used for users and those used by machines (clients) have been separated. This was supposed to be released in 11.0.0 but we missed it.

Keith Shook provided a fix to a Windows error that we were intermittently seeing in our test infrastructure, so that was included in this release.

Adam Spiers fixed an issue where the chef-client PID file would occasionally be erroneously removed.

We were thrilled to already receive our first patch for the Chef 11 Server this week from Mike Javorski. We were impressed by the completeness of our first contribution so we’re pleased to name him as the MVP for the 11.2.0 release.

Our Chef 10.20.0 MVP is past-MVP Chris Roberts, who continues to work with us to provide sizable improvements to the code base such as fixing knife config file value loading in CHEF-3497 that was released in Chef 11.0.0. Thanks for continuing to be awesome Chris.


11.2.0: ab7eedcf2e839c4fbf007c56445aacf46adb8ad9fa92f8c185e3a6c463218da0
10.20.0: c195f936760ac2e2f20b5833bc76f19eb1b6f8e0839033bf7cdc41031d51a1ab

Release Notes – 11.2.0-client


  • [CHEF-2960] – Upgrade JSON dependency to 1.7+
  • [CHEF-3706] – Knife should provide commands for the user endpoint
  • [CHEF-3707] – knife configure -i should create a user and not a client
  • [CHEF-3809] – Getting error NoMethodError: undefined method `CloseHandle' for Chef::ReservedNames::Win32::Handle:Class on Windows servers
  • [CHEF-3836] – Run Lock tests randomly fail on slower Ci machines


  • [CHEF-3156] – Net::SSH dependency prevents using HMAC SHA2 family

Release Notes – 10.20.0


  • [CHEF-2960] – Upgrade JSON dependency to 1.7+
  • [CHEF-3367] – 11: chef-client daemon's pid file is sometimes accidentally removed
  • [CHEF-3495] – chef-expander-10.14.4 requires old em-http-request which causes failure on start of chef-expander
  • [CHEF-3567] – chef-expander has broken dependencies: installs two eventmachine versions breaking chef-expander
  • [CHEF-3774] – chef-client process running with a shebang '(ruby /usr/bin/chef-client)
  • [CHEF-3809] – Getting error NoMethodError: undefined method `CloseHandle' for Chef::ReservedNames::Win32::Handle:Class on Windows servers


  • [CHEF-3156] – Net::SSH dependency prevents using HMAC SHA2 family

Bryan McLellan

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