Chef 0.10 Debian/Ubuntu Packages

We have pushed out Chef 0.10 packages for Debian and Ubuntu to our repository. The wiki contains updated instructions, but I’d like to underscore the new repository naming convention.

For Chef 0.9.x we have been using the following format for the repository:
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deb lucid main

The codename, lucid in this example, would be replaced with the codename of whatever supported Debian or Ubuntu release you are using.

We are adding a suffix to separate the release trains. For Chef 0.10 on Ubuntu Lucid, you would use this configuration:
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deb lucid-0.10 main

This way, users who are currently installing Chef using our repository for 0.9 won’t be upgraded to 0.10 until they intentionally modify their sources.list configuration.

You can use the packages to upgrade from 0.9 to 0.10, but we haven’t tested all the possible migration scenarios so you may need to restart some services by hand after upgrade.

We are support packaging for the Ubuntu LTS and newer, as well as Debian stable. The list is on the wiki. We currently support the Chef client on Ubuntu LTS -1 and Debian oldstable as well. Due to the pace of Chef development, you need to have fairly recent version of Ruby and the assorted libraries that we use to keep the size of the Chef codebase reasonable. Consequently, depending on the point in time of a Chef release, it isn’t always feasible to support these distribution releases.

We have some exciting packaging sauce on the stove, stay tuned!

Bryan McLellan