Chef 0.6.2 Release

We had a slight bug sneak in to the 0.6.0 release: new installations were not properly running the chef-client. We’re shipping 0.6.2 right now to fix that bug, rather than in a few weeks. Thanks to Edd Dumbill and our own Joshua Timberman for being on the ball this morning (and helping test the fix.)

A release would be no fun, though, if it was only bug fixes. That is why David Balatero is the Chef 0.6.2 MVP! David stepped up this morning and added two new features: you can now use a URI to load JSON into the chef-client (and chef-solo), and you can specify a different gem path for rubygems packages (making it possible to manage both Ruby 1.8 and 1.9 gems at the same time with Chef.)

Thanks for the new sauce, David!

Upgrade your gems by following the instructions on the wiki.

Change log is below the fold.

Release Notes – Chef – Version 0.6.2


  • [CHEF-255] – chef-client doesn’t respect interval and stay running in foreground.
  • [CHEF-257] – Rake test does not execute tests against the site-cookbooks directory


  • [CHEF-249] – can I has open-uri supported "-j" for chef-solo/client?
  • [CHEF-258] – gem_package doesn’t allow you to point at a custom gem binary outside of your $PATH

Adam Jacob

Adam Jacob is the CTO and co-founder of Chef.