Adam Jacob

Adam Jacob is the CTO and co-founder of Chef.

Happy 10th Anniversary Chef

Today is 10 years from the day that Chef became a company (at the time, as OpsCode). What started as a consulting company with many of my best friends (Nathan Haneysmith, Barry Steinglass, and Joshua Timberman, our first employee), eventually became the Chef we all know and love.

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Habitat — a new open source project for automating applications

Today we launched our new open source project, Habitat, for application automation. We hope you’ll try Habitat and join us in taking automation to the next level. What follows is a blog from Adam Jacob detailing the philosophy behind Habitat and what this new technology delivers – automation that travels with the application.

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Chef Announces Nathen Harvey as new Vice President of Community Development

Chef was born in the open source community and has always had a foundation in open source. As the company, community, and framework have grown, so has the commitment to our community.

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Chef Board of Governance (CBGB) Nominations Now Open

Chef was designed from the outset to have a very open structure, including open design, open contribution, and consistent use of tools across the project.

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There is one Chef Server, and it is Open Source

Chef is used by companies of all shapes and sizes, from tiny startups to the largest companies in the world, to create businesses where infrastructure moves as fast as software.

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Chef as a Community

Hi! This is a long blog post, but it has a few important action items at its conclusion. If you care about the evolution of the Chef Community, or are considering going to the Community Summit, you should totally read it.

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Reflections on 5 years as an Open Source company

As we head in to our second (sold out! Woohoo!) #ChefConf, I find myself getting all misty eyed, nostalgic, and reflective.

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Chef Reaches 200 Contributors

On January 15, 2009 we announced Chef with a short and simple blog post. At the time, Opscode was nothing more than a handful of engineers toiling away inside of an old furniture store. We had no money, no marketing campaigns, and no logo.

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Scheduled Maintenance, Oct 19, 2010 from 7:00-9:00pm PST

Opscode will be upgrading the search infrastructure of the Opscode Platform to provide improved performance and an enhanced query syntax on Tuesday, October 19th, 2010 from 7:00-9:00pm PST. The API and the Management Console may be unavailable for some or all of this time.

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Chef 0.8.8 Release

It’s Chef 0.8.8 time, and the big news this release is that we fixed an issue where the remote directory resource was broken for users of Chef Solo. Sorry, guys – we’ve added tests to ensure this won’t happen again in the future.

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