Adam Jacob

Adam Jacob is the CTO and co-founder of Chef.

Chef 0.6.0 Release

Hello! How are my favorite cooks? Its been a while since our last release (around twice as long as we prefer, actually,) but we make up for our tardiness with a whole heap of fabulous for you. We begin, as always, with the MVP award. It was a tight race: Chef 0.5.

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Infrastructure in the Cloud Era

The talk Ezra and I gave at the Web 2.0 Expo San Francisco is up on Slideshare. Highlights included our building an ad-hoc cloud via Nanite, laptops quoting Wargames, and more than one mention of Ponies, Unicorns, and Meatclouds.

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Ohai 0.2.0

Ohai, we prepared a new release for you! The Ohai 0.2.0 MVP is Thom May. Thom checked out Ohai, and immediately wrote a Python Language Plugin.

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Chef 0.5.6

Look at what the Chef community has cooked up for you – a brand new release! The Chef 0.5.6 release MVP is Sean Cribbs, of Radiant CMS fame. Sean has been a steady presence in the burgeoning Chef community – asking questions, filing bugs, and contributing patches.

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Chef 0.5.4

Hello! It’s time again for a new release of Chef – this one is chock full of interesting bug fixes, a few new features, and lots of feedback. This release’s MVP is Arjuna Christensen (fujin!) – we went to bed last night with 6 bugs in the 0.5.

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Sometimes grandchildren are pesky

When you are building a configuration management system, one of the things you learn quickly is that you are going to hit a ton of edge cases. Many of these edge cases are the result of applications that were not written with automation in mind.

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Chef 0.5.2 and Ohai 0.1.4

Hi everyone! I’m pleased to announce the release of Chef 0.5.2 and Ohai 0.1.4. I’m giving this releases MVP award to Bryan McLellan, who added support for Cron, Routes, and FreeBSD in the last two weeks. Way to go, sir.

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9 things to like about Chef

For those of you who are taking a look at Chef, we wanted to give you a run down of some of the things that make it awesome.

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Cloud Cafe Podcast about Chef!

I had the pleasure of talking with John M Willis, of the most excellent IT Management and Cloud Blog and Cloud Cafe Podcast fame.  John watches the IT Management and Cloud space like a hawk – pretty much no story misses his eye.  We talk about: What is Chef? How would people use it?

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