Adam Jacob

Adam Jacob is the CTO and co-founder of Chef.

Chef 0.8.6 Release

It’s a fast and furious release cycle! We’ve cut Chef 0.8.6 due to a change that accidentally broke users of Fedora – and Ian Meyer from Etsy stepped up and fixed it. His reward is being your Chef 0.8.6 MVP – congratulations, Ian!

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Ohai 0.5.0 Release

Ohai! We’ve got a new release of Ohai for you, with a pair of much-needed fixes. The first is by our release MVP Tollef Fog Heen (whose just racking up the MVP’s lately – clearly, he is destined for the Hall of Fame.

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Chef 0.8.4 Release

A mere day and some change behind Chef 0.8.2 comes the piping hot Chef 0.8.4! This releases MVP is Tollef Fog Heen, who realized that the validation and web-ui keys were being created with an insecure file permission.

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Ohai 0.4.0 Release

Welcome to Ohai version 0.4.0! Your MVPs for this release are Mark Giammarco for adding SuSE support, and Jan Zimmek for adding ArchLinux support. Thanks, guys! In addition, this version fixes a compatibility issue with the latest version of the JSON gem.

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Happy Birthday Chef!

One year ago today, Chef saw its first public release .

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Chef 0.7.16 Release

Welcome to Chef 0.7.16, the “Bryan McLellan is looking out for you” release! 0.7.16 contains only two bug fixes, and both involve chef inappropriately setting file permissions in some cases. Bryan is this releases MVP, for making sure that we got the bug-fix release out the door.

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Why we chose the Apache License

From time to time, we get asked why new contributors to any Opscode project have to sign a Contributor License Agreement (or a Corporate Contributor License Agreement.

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Cloudera Hadoop at Velocity

I was totally impressed with the Cloudera distribution of Hadoop – they clearly have the coolest bundle available. While watching the presentation, I whipped up a Chef Solo tarball that will install their Hadoop distribution for Ubuntu. First, make sure you have Chef installed, and then: chef-solo -r And you are good to go!

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Chef 0.7.0 Release

Chef 0.7.0 is hot off the presses, and it brings several great new features along with the traditional heap of improvements and bug fixes. This is a big release, and the first since we released Chef back in January that hasn’t been backwards compatible.

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Chef 0.6.2 Release

We had a slight bug sneak in to the 0.6.0 release: new installations were not properly running the chef-client. We’re shipping 0.6.2 right now to fix that bug, rather than in a few weeks. Thanks to Edd Dumbill and our own Joshua Timberman for being on the ball this morning (and helping test the fix.

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