Happy Birthday Chef!

One year ago today, Chef saw its first public release . Since then, we’ve seen our community grow from a handful of people to one of the most vibrant open source communities around:

I can’t tell you how much it means to us that so many people have taken time from their lives to help us make Chef better – every ticket filed, every bug fixed, every feature proposed and every question answered was a gift freely given by each and every one of you to each other, and we are profoundly grateful for it.

I wanted to take a minute to call out this years MVPs – they all contributed that special something to a Chef release that made it worth your time to upgrade. Lets have a roll call, shall we?

  • Bryan McLellan, for 0.5.2, who added the Cron resource, the Route resource, and started FreeBSD support, and for 0.7.16 – Bryan made sure we got the right bugs fixed in this release.
  • Arujna Christensen, for 0.5.4, who fixed six bugs in one day – and he wasn’t an Opscode employee yet
  • Sean Cribbs, for 0.5.6, who made the error message you get when a template redering fails fabulous
  • Matthew Kent, for 0.6.0, who packaged all of Chef (and it’s dependencies) for CentOS/RedHat. Then again for 0.7.0, where he fixed a number of bugs, gave Red Hat users a dramatic speed improvement, and still found time for some general code-cleanup.
  • David Balatero, for 0.6.2, who added support for loading JSON attributes from a URI, and the ability to use multiple versions of ruby with the Rubygems packages.
  • Joshua Sierles, for 0.7.2, for fixing up Roles and Metadata when used with Chef-Solo
  • Hongli Lai, for 0.7.4, who fixed an edge case that could result in 100% cpu utilization
  • Grant Zanetti, for 0.7.6, who decoupled splay from interval (making running Chef from Cron easier,) improving the JSON editor, and fixing bugs.
  • Jeppe Nejsum Madsen, for 0.7.8, who fixed the remote_file resource to allow you to fetch files from Amazon S3
  • Daniel DeLeo, for 0.7.10, for the SCM and Deploy resources, as well as some rocking internal refactors
  • Diego Algorta, for 0.7.12, for fixing a bug where Chef would fail on systems with non-english locales. People of the world, Diego brought you working package resources. :)
  • Thom May, for 0.7.14, for allowing Chef to manage Yum correctly on CentOS 4.

Thank you all for putting in so much work, and being willing to help each other be successful on a daily basis. I’m humbled and inspired to be a part of your community.

Adam and the whole Opscode crew

Adam Jacob

Adam Jacob is the CTO and co-founder of Chef.