Chef 0.8.6 Release

It’s a fast and furious release cycle! We’ve cut Chef 0.8.6 due to a change that accidentally broke users of Fedora – and Ian Meyer from Etsy stepped up and fixed it. His reward is being your Chef 0.8.6 MVP – congratulations, Ian!

Kris Rasmussen from Aptana tracked down a bug in the git deployment code where, if you were consistently :force_deploy-ing the same version, you would eventually wind up hitting the released version limit, and then we would prune the (only) version you have deployed. Thanks for tracking down a particularly sneaky bug, Kris.

Tollef Fog Heen just can’t let a release go by without a commit. In this case, he updated the User Resource to allow you to use ‘group’ along with ‘gid’, since the provider can take both the gid and string form of a group name.

Over at Opscode we didn’t sit idle – in particular, we fixed an irritating bug where if you added a Node with a bad role name you would no longer be able to manipulate the Node until a role with that name was added.

See you at Chef 0.8.8, and as always, the full release notes follow:

Release Notes – Chef – Version 0.8.6


  • [CHEF-926] – cleanup! of old releases sometimes deletes current release
  • [CHEF-964] – Adding a bad role name to run list breaks everything for that node.
  • [CHEF-992] – A node created with a role that did not exist can not be edited or deleted
  • [CHEF-994] – chef no longer requires ruby-hmac
  • [CHEF-1000] – Runlist expand does not pass couchdb value on
  • [CHEF-1006] – fedora missing from chef/lib/platform.rb
  • [CHEF-1010] – Yum provider ignores specified version in some circumstances


  • [CHEF-707] – Change "gid" to "group" for the User Resource
  • [CHEF-968] – Chef rest should be more flexible with user keys and headers
  • [CHEF-1005] – knife cookbook upload should support a list of multiple cookbooks
  • [CHEF-1012] – knife help text needs a scrub for accuracy and consistent formatting

Adam Jacob

Adam Jacob is the CTO and co-founder of Chef.