Chef and Canonical Partner to Integrate and Distribute Chef with Ubuntu

Chef Adds Support for Canonical’s Machine-As-A-Service, Enabling Easy, Automated Deployment of Bare Metal Resources in the Data Center and the Cloud;

Canonical Packages Chef in the Ubuntu Distribution with Level One and Level Two Support

SEATTLE and SANTA CLARA, Calif. – April 1, 2014 – Today at ChefConf 2015, Chef, the leader in automation for DevOps, and Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, announced a partnership today to integrate and distribute Chef with Ubuntu. Canonical is integrating the Chef automation platform with Canonical’s Metal-As-A-Service (MAAS), enabling users to automate the provisioning, configuration and deployment of bare metal compute resources in the data center. Canonical is packaging Chef 12 server in upcoming distributions of its Ubuntu open source operating system and will provide commercial support for Chef within its user base.

Chef CEO Barry Crist and Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth will be presenting the companies’ partnership and future plans together during a keynote at ChefConf 2015, on Wednesday, April 1, at 4:15 pm PT, which can be viewed via live stream.

News Highlights:

  • Automated Bare-Metal Provisioning: Leveraging Chef and Canonical’s MAAS, users can rapidly deploy bare metal machines with a choice of Ubuntu, CentOS, RHEL, SuSE and even Windows, either in the data center or as part of a private or hybrid cloud implementation. This integration gives users the ability to optimize machine configurations and workloads for different scenarios with full transparency. With MAAS and Chef, private infrastructure becomes as easy to provision as public cloud resources.
  • Ubuntu Distribution of Chef: Canonical will distribute Chef 12 with future versions of Ubuntu, combining the best in open source automation and operating systems for quickly building and managing public or private cloud environments.
  • Canonical Support for Chef: As part of the packaged Chef and Ubuntu distribution, Canonical will provide Tier One and Tier Two support for all Chef deployments within its user base.

Supporting Quotes:

“Every business needs to spend fewer calories on IT management and are looking to automation and cloud-ready platforms to do so. Combining Chef’s scale and flexibility with Ubuntu’s tremendous Linux platform empowers users to easily manage everything from bare metal servers to large-scale clouds.”

– Barry Crist, CEO, Chef

“Chef and Ubuntu are often inseparable in serious server deployments, making mutual integration a must for our users. We’re excited to offer Chef as part of the Ubuntu distribution and to deliver easy bare metal provisioning with MAAS and Chef.”

– Mark Shuttleworth, Founder, Canonical

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About Canonical

Canonical is the commercial sponsor of the Ubuntu project and the premier provider of support services for Ubuntu deployments in the enterprise. Ubuntu is the leading OS for cloud, scale-out and ARM-based hyperscale computing featuring the fastest, most secure hypervisors, as well as the latest in container technology with LXC and Docker. Ubuntu is also the world’s most popular operating system for OpenStack. Over 80% of the large-scale OpenStack deployments today are on Ubuntu.

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