Chef and Microsoft – DevOps party at Ignite

Last week we spent a week in Chicago at Microsoft’s biggest user event.  The ‘new’ Microsoft came through loud and clear with a message rooted in multi-platform, open source, and DevOps. If you’re a Chef user, interested in DevOps, or just following the incredible transformation that Microsoft is undergoing keep reading…

We had over 1,000 conversations on the Expo floor with developers, IT pros, chief architects, and more. Just a year ago, the typical question we’d hear at a Microsoft event was:

“What is DevOps?”

[Adam Jacob answers that question as only Adam can, here.]

Now the conversations have evolved in a major way. Our show discussions dived deep into using Chef with PowerShell DSC, creating continuous delivery pipelines, migrating workloads to Azure, and so on. Our favorite conversation of the week went something like:

“Our Linux group is using Chef and moving really fast, can you help me do this on Windows?”

Below, Steve Murawski digs into the Chef and DSC integration scenarios at the Chef booth:

Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 8.29.35 AM
Microsoft’s Azure team invited Chef to jointly present on how to automate Azure with Chef and below is that session with Kundana Palagiri of Microsoft and Chef’s Michael Ducy:

Building on the Microsoft //Build announcements about the Nano Server, Chef has been working closely with the Windows server team on the new Nano Server, which Jeffrey Snover (Windows Lead Architect) highlighted by at minute 60 of this session:

If you’d like to learn more about using Chef with Microsoft technologies, tell us about yourself and download the new White Paper.

Justin Fenton

Former Chef Employee