Chef Announces Chef Delivery, First Product for Continuous and Unified Delivery of Infrastructure and Applications

Company Extends Chef IT Automation Platform with Proven DevOps Workflow for Managing Change in Enterprise IT; Now Available through Invitation Program

SEATTLE and SANTA CLARA, Calif. – April 1, 2015 – This week at ChefConf 2015, Chef, the leader in automation for DevOps, announced Chef Delivery, a new DevOps workflow product that for the first time enables the continuous delivery of infrastructure, runtime environments – including containers – and applications. With Chef Delivery, the company has captured success patterns of its most innovative customers and distilled them into a product that brings advanced software development practices to all developers and system administrators who manage changes in enterprise IT environments. Customers can sign up today to try Chef Delivery through an invitation program.

As enterprises embrace the cloud, their infrastructure and applications have shifted from static systems into rapidly changing services. A large enterprise must make a continuous series of changes to its networks, servers and applications – upgrades, patches, firmware updates, new configurations, and deployments – every single day. Because businesses are racing to shorten the time from idea to value, Chef has distilled its strength in high-velocity IT into a new product for the software-driven enterprise. Built on Chef’s IT automation platform, Chef Delivery uses a unified process to automate changes to infrastructure, runtime environments and applications at the same time.

Chef Delivery provides a robust framework for automated testing, continuous integration and continuous delivery. It extends the Chef platform currently used by hundreds of enterprises worldwide, including Bloomberg, Disney, Facebook, GE Capital, Intuit, Nordstrom, Standard Bank, Target, and Yahoo, all of which are speaking this week at ChefConf.

News Highlights:

Chef Delivery’s advanced software workflow shortens the time from business idea to capturing value. It includes:

  • Robust Pipeline: Chef Delivery provides a shared pipeline and proven workflow for software development that safely takes code from a developer’s or operations engineer’s workstation through build, test and production.
  • Platform for Collaboration: Each step of the Delivery pipeline incorporates automated testing to provide developers, operations engineers, compliance and security officers, and IT architects rapid feedback on proposed changes. The common workflow allows personnel of each IT discipline to work together with full visibility into the flow of changes through the pipeline. Policies can be easily applied at each step to ensure maximum change control and governance.
  • Sophisticated Analytics: Chef Delivery provides metrics for all stages of your development pipeline. With full audit capabilities, you can track both pipeline performance and activity, manage permissions and access comprehensive change history from easy to use dashboards.
  • Scalable Architecture: Chef Delivery was designed from the ground up for performance and scalability. Its architecture is fully integrated with the Chef Server and designed to meet the demands of the largest and most complex enterprise IT environments.
  • Full Ecosystem Integration: Chef Delivery integrates with an extensive array of operating systems and runtime environments, including public cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, as well as runtime environments such as Docker containers.


Chef Delivery is currently available through an invitation program.


Chef Delivery will be sold in 2015 on a subscription basis.

Supporting Quotes

“The tools we use reinforce the behavior; the behavior reinforces the tool. Thus, if you want to change your behavior, change your tools.”

–        Adam Jacob, CTO, Chef

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