Chef at CoDe-CPH Conference

The Event

Chef was a proud sponsor of CoDe conference on the 13th September at the Marriott Copenhagen. The event was organised by Chef partner Praqma, and they did an amazing job! It was a sold out event with a great lineup of speakers ranging from software engineers to a professor from the local University. Being a general software event, the topics were quite varied, but there was a lot of focus on automation and build (CI/CD) pipelines.

The Presentations

The day started with an introduction from Praqma co-founder, Lars Kruse. Lars put the sponsors on the spot in what he called the ‘sponsor lineup’ where we each got to talk about our businesses for two minutes. I was the lucky Cheffian who took to the stage.

CoDe-CPH ConferencePresentations at This was followed by an engaging keynote from Jan U. Hagen, Associate professor ESMT. Jan spoke about how we handle errors, direct communication, and the best way to learn to prevent an error reoccurring.

Following the keynote we broke out into separate talk tracks. Chef’s own Mandi Walls delivered a great session on Successful Practices for Continuous Delivery.

The stand out talk for me was about going from zero to hero with DevOps by Jørn Erik Jensen, a Platform Architect at LEGO. He told the story of the journey that he and his development team went on building the tools and practises they needed to become a high velocity, high quality software factory in LEGO. I never knew LEGO had so many online assets! Bonus points to Jørn for including clips from the LEGO Movie.

The Food

In a word, the food was spectacular. We were catered to throughout the day with a range of delicious and healthy options. The food just kept coming! In the afternoon we were treated to a great selection of cakes, biscuits and homemade chocolate and rum truffles… I kid you not!

Chef Booth

The Chef crew were busy at the booth all day. There was a huge amount of interest in Chef Automate and some great questions coming from the attendees. It’s always great to hear from Chef user’s at events like this. I enjoy learning about their experiences and plans for the future. There were a lot of lightbulb moments as newcomers to Chef realised what it can do for them!

Chef at CoDe-CPH Conference


CoDe-CPH conference was a great event that we all thoroughly enjoyed. We were treated to engaging talks in the beautiful surroundings of Copenhagen, and who can forget the chocolate and rum truffles…!

The event was professionally run by the Praqma crew who did a great job, congrats to them. Finally, as always, it was great to meet with the DevOps community and learn from all those amazing people.

See you next year!

DevOps Resources

Joe Gardiner

Former Chef Employee