Chef Automate now available in the Azure Marketplace

Chef and Microsoft are excited to announce the general availability of Chef Automate in the Azure Marketplace. Chef Automate partners with Microsoft Azure to give your operations, development, security and compliance teams a common platform that takes advantage of the flexibility, scalability, and reliability that Azure offers. Chef Automate helps teams build, deploy, and manage infrastructure and applications by focusing on the measurable business outcomes that drive transformation strategy. Chef Automate on the Azure Marketplace makes it easy to deploy a fully-featured Chef Automate instance into your own Azure subscription.

With a few clicks of the solution template, you get instant access to all commercial features included with Chef Automate: gain end-to-end visibility across your entire fleet, enable continuous compliance using profiles, and manage all change with a unified workflow. Chef Automate works with Chef Software open source projects–Chef, InSpec, Habitat, and their associated tools.

There are two ways to deploy Chef Automate in Azure:

Chef Automate in the Azure Marketplace

Launch Chef Automate in your Azure subscription and get all the benefits of Chef Automate in an easy to deploy model. Find Chef Automate in the Azure Marketplace to get started.

Self-Hosted Chef Automate

As always, you can customize your implementation of Chef Automate by downloading it and installing on your virtual machine instances in your Azure subscription.


Licensing Chef Automate for Azure leverages your existing relationship with Chef Software, Inc. You supply your own Chef Automate license at launch time and only pay for the compute resources you use on Azure.

If you’re new to Chef, you can try Chef Automate in Azure Marketplace for 30 days at no charge (again, only paying for Azure resources).

Chef Server 12 listings will be removed from the Azure Marketplace

With this release, older versions of Chef software available in the Azure Marketplace will be removed. The Azure Marketplace lists several legacy Chef Server 12 deployment options. Those listings will be removed for simplification and new users should choose this new all-in-one Chef Automate offering. Existing deployments based on those older Chef Server 12 listing will not be affected. However, users of those older offerings may choose to follow the recommended migration path to use Chef Automate in future deployments.

Michele Todd

Former Chef Employee