Chef Community Recognition Program and Live Celebration

On April 28th Tim Smith (AKA tas50) and I are hosting the launch of Chef Infra Client 17 (register here if you haven’t yet!). As part of the launch, we’re including a Community of Contributors Celebration. I’m excited to be able to start this new annual recognition program that acknowledges both internal and external contributors to Chef’s open-source projects. 

Chef Infra Client 17 launch

As part of this program, anyone who was a contributor to any repo in our GitHub organizations (Chef, InSpec, Habitat-sh, test-kitchen, chef-cookbooks, or chef-spec) during the 2020 calendar year will receive some kind of thanks from us.

In a bit more detail, the Chef Community Recognition Program is designed to acknowledge, thank, and engage Chef’s community of contributors. As part of the program, contributors will be recognized on an annual basis. The type of thank you and recognition will be determined based on the level and kind of contributions. Benefits can include one or more of the following. 

Personalized thank you note and sticker  
·         A free digital ticket to Chef’s 2021 Digital Conference  
·         External contribution recognition in marketing materials  
·         Invite to the annual key contributor recognition event  
·         Invite to the roundtable with Chef product leadership  
·         Nomination to receive a free ticket to Chef’s in-person conference (2022+)

A couple weeks ago I reached out to all of the contributors who included valid email addresses in their DCO with a request for some additional information. If you contributed last year but didn’t hear from me, feel free to reach out via email or find me on our community slack.  

Thanks again to everyone who contributed last year, and don’t forget to join us for the Live Launch on the 28th!

benny Vasquez

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