Chef Gives 2017

Community is foundational here at Chef and and a major ingredient in our recipe for success. This year, we encouraged each other to be mindful of how fortunate we are and to pay that forward to as many communities as possible. Many of us at Chef already have organizations and communities we are passionate about and we were encouraged to donate to those places that are already near and dear to us.

A passion for giving

As an organization, we set a goal to raise $20k. I’m proud to report that we exceeded that goal and have raised more than $30k for 50 different charities. You can see a list of the charities that our employees are passionate about below.


Additionally, 8 teams at Chef adopted 8 local families in Seattle, WA for the holidays through a program set up by the YWCA. As an office, we bought gifts for families with a total of 30 children amongst them. The families who benefit from this gift giving are current YWCA clients, living in shelters, fleeing domestic violence, or in young parent units. All of these families are on the road to self-sufficiency and are receiving assistance with job training, housing, counseling, and other services. Our hope is to help these families feel the joy and magic of the holidays this season as they work to evolve and change their lives.

Scholarships for ChefConf

This season of giving is something we’re all very proud of and we can’t wait to keep it going in the new year. Starting in mid-January, we’ll open up registration for ChefConf 2018. This is our most anticipated event of the year as more than 1500 members of our Chef community gather to learn from and inspire each other. We want to ensure that a diversity of opinion, thought and experience are represented. We also recognize that one barrier to attending conferences is that not everyone is in a financial position that allows them to attend. To help remedy that, we are announcing 10 scholarships to ChefConf (which includes all the keynote sessions, track sessions, meals, and social activities) and the Certification Exam.

Charities Chef employees are passionate about

Forefront Suicide Prevention

Washington Ensemble Theatre

Planned Parenthood


Global Giving

Direct Relief

Sunaayy Foundation

Mary’s Place

Wikimedia Foundation

Doctors Without Borders

Oregon Foodbank

Electronic Frontier Foundation

Outside In

Women’s Wilderness

SF Marin Foodbank

Roberto Carcelen Foundation

Racial Justice Now

Ecology in Classrooms and Outdoors

Snow Leopard Trust

Community For Youth

Seattle Area Feline Rescue

Heifer International

World Vision

Santa Barbara Bird Sanctuary

School of Acrobatics and New Circus Arts

United Negro College Fund

The Gathering for Justice

Crown Heights Young Life

International Rescue Committee

Natural Resources Defense Fund

Real American Heroes Foundation

Houston Humane Foundation

Samaritan’s Purse

The Street Trust



Girl Develop It

Social Justice Fund Northwest


Hope for Paws

Seattle Times Fund for the Needy

Louisville Public Media

Las Vegas Victims Fund

Earth Justice

ACLU Kansas

Cultural Trust



Boys and Girls Club of America

Save the Children

Join us

If you’re looking for a place that challenges you, accepts you, and encourages you, this is the place to make your mark. We believe you can give your all at work without taking away from the big and little things at home and in your local community. We have shaped our culture, benefits, and company so you can be your best when you’re working and living your life. Check out our open positions!

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