Chef Infra Client EOL cycle to undergo an update

Earlier, we announced a change in the EOL timelines for Chef Infra Client 17 to ensure support for our customers who continue to operate on this version. We had announced that the 17.x version would be marked as “end-of-life” in April 2024. We are happy to announce that we will be extending the timeline. 
Thanks to you, our vibrant and participative customers and open-source community members, we are working on creating a support policy that is most beneficial for us all. As a result, Chef will be adopting a Long-Term Support (LTS) strategy for supporting our different products and tools.  
We will soon announce the new policy that will be adopted in the future. You can rest assured that we are working towards making this even more predictable and easy so you can suitably plan your upgrades. 

Chef Infra Client 17 will be marked as End-of-Life in November 2024 It will continue to receive security patches and critical bug fixes until November 2024. Chef Infra Client 18 will continue to be the latest major version.  

We want to reassure you that we at Progress Chef have been listening and have decided to make a deliberate change to this timeline. Our intention is to support you in continuing to use version 17 of Infra Client without an immediate need to upgrade. 
Kindly reach out through our support channels for more details, clarifications, and questions. Check back for more announcements from us on this matter. 


Sudharshan Kaushik Kannan

Sudharshan Kaushik Kannan is a Senior Product Manager at Progress Chef