Announcement About Change in Infra Client 17 End of Life Timeline

We had announced earlier about the new release process for Infra client and the change in Infra Client 16 EOL date. We have been in constant touch with our customers to understand everyone’s concerns and ensure all feedback is taken into consideration before formalizing the new process.

Many of our customers who are on Infra Client 17 expressed their concerns over the support for this version and timelines for its end-of-life. We understand that several of our customers have built custom systems around this version that are mission-critical for their organization.

To ensure we are supporting our customers and their needs, we are happy to announce that the date for deprecating Infra Client 17 has been changed from April 2023 to April 2024. We are making this change to ensure existing customers operating on Infra Client 17 or earlier versions will have the necessary time to plan and upgrade to Infra Client 18 when released. We will continue to take feedback and make adjustments as necessary to support the broadest possible set of our community.

We would like to thank our customers for their candid feedback that has helped us in chiseling the cadence to best suit their needs. Feel free to reach out to us through our community slack channels or your Chef customer success managers if you have any queries. We are happy to engage with every one of you and make clarifications needed.


Sudharshan Kaushik Kannan

Sudharshan Kaushik Kannan is a Senior Product Manager at Progress Chef