Chef at JFrog SwampUP 2017

Supermarket Integration with Artifactory

Hot on the heels of ChefConf 2017, Chef headed to Napa, CA late last week for JFrog’s SwampUP conference at the beautiful Meritage Resort and Spa. With its intimate size (300 attendees) and highly curated talks, SwampUP is one of our favorite conferences to attend. We were excited to announce our Supermarket integration with JFrog Artifactory, as well as to talk with attendees about all things Chef, Habitat, and InSpec.

Customers Talking about Chef and Artifactory

It’s also nice when our customers give talks about using Artifactory with Chef. Michael Hüttermann touched on the Artifactory support for cookbooks in his presentation, “Firing up a holistic Continuous Delivery/DevOps pipeline based on Artifactory and Bintray”, and at the same time, Daryl Spartz from Yahoo talked about automating installation, upgrades, and configuration of Artifactory using Chef cookbooks in his talk, “Installing and configuring Artifactory using Chef recipes”.

Managing Risk at Velocity

The Chef team also spent some time attending some of the fantastic keynotes, such as the one from Paul Chapman, CIO of Box, who talked about what happens when a company either isn’t able to innovate, or go to market with products that customers love. Chapman, himself an ex-Sun Microsystems executive, showed a slide in which he reveals the back of Facebook’s campus sign is actually the old Sun Microsystems sign, postulating that Facebook left it this way so that employees leaving campus at night would be reminded that Facebook strives to be a Day 1 company, and never a Day 2 company. Managing risk while efficiently delivering customer value at their velocity is what Chef helps with as well, so it’s great to hear other industry leaders saying the same things: innovate, or risk going out of business. It’s not about rewriting software — it’s about rewriting your company, Chapman concluded.

Computing at the Edges

We also got a glimpse into the future with Kit Merker’s keynote on the emerging problem of keeping millions of Internet of Things devices up-to-date. This is an area we at Chef have been highly interested in as well, as those of you who were at ChefConf 2017 can attest to if you saw Adam Jacob’s second keynote. As computing moves increasingly to the edge, it will require new technologies and approaches to solve for fast, reliable, and repeatable software updates. Look for more from Chef in this space.

The Chef team really enjoyed meeting all of you at JFrog SwampUP and we can’t wait to attend again next year. And we’ll be furthering our partnership with JFrog in the coming year, so stay tuned for that as well.

Julian Dunn

Julian is a former Chef employee