Chef Server HA: The best way to run Chef Server


We’re very pleased to announce that Chef Server HA is now available in full release.

Chef Server HA is a completely new high availability (HA) architecture designed for mission-critical performance and reliability. It replaces the HA topologies that were previously available as part of the Chef Server package.

Chef Server HA provides:

  • A high degree of fault tolerance
  • Easy installation, operation, and maintenance
  • Support for virtualized environments
  • Synchronous search writes – data written to Chef servers is indexed much more quickly
  • Native backup and restore tools that do not impact service availability

Learn more about the new Chef Server HA topology at the Chef Docs site.Chef Server HA is a new install of the Chef server. Users must migrate their Chef server data in order to take advantage of the new architecture.

Chef Subscribers can download Chef Server HA and get started today!

Charles Johnson