Chef: The Company Formerly Known as Opscode

This morning we announced we’ve changed the company name from Opscode to Chef.

Aaaaaaand… the Earth is still spinning.

As we circulated the idea of changing our company name amongst employees and some members of the Chef Community (and some total strangers, too) the reactions generally fell into one of four categories:

  1. Awesome, makes sense.
  2. It’s about time.
  3. So what?
  4. Um, what’s Opscode?

So, Opscode is now Chef. We’re very happy about this, because now when we’re out at meet-ups, events, conferences or the like, we can stop having this conversation:

Us: “Hey, I’m with Opscode.”
Person we meet: “Opscode, huh, what do you do?”
“We make Chef.”
“I thought Chef was Chef?”
“Nope. That’s us. Opscode. The company behind Chef.”
“No way.”
“Yes way.”
“Shut up.”

Seriously, though, thanks to a tremendous Community built by all of you out there, Chef has a ton of what Marketing-types (like yours truly) like to call ‘brand equity.’ So, with a huge opportunity in front of us, we are aligning ourselves directly with the product and Community we love. More importantly, it makes things simple – for you and for us.

Our new website is If you go to, you end up at

[By the way, many of you may be wondering, why not Well, this thing called the Internet has been around a long time and, as it turns out, Chef does have another meaning. Still, if you’re looking for us, you want to get Chef, right? So we feel URL fits quite nicely.]

Our new Twitter @getchefdotcom. We’re dropping the hashtag #opschef and replacing it with #getchef, so if you all could use that going forward, we’d very much appreciate it.

Our Facebook and YouTube pages are, wait for it… and

As for emailing us here at Chef, just update the email address you have from to If you forget, no worries, because emails will re-direct to

Simple (or so we hope).

The Chef Community is a phenomenal group to be a part of; you all are doing astounding things with Chef, for which we’re very grateful and amazed. Likewise, our customers and partners are making big bets on Chef; we’re amped to work with such incredible companies. Changing our name to Chef is the first in the next wave of investments we’re making to ensure your experience with Chef, whether open source or commercial, is totally effin’ delightful.

Get Speed. Get Awesome. Get Chef.

Jay Wampold

Former Chef Employee