Jay Wampold

Former Chef Employee

Reflecting on re:Invent 2014

As I flew back to Seattle from AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas, I couldn’t help but think about how automation and the cloud have really become the new normal in IT.  And when I say “cloud,” I mean cloud as a proxy for spending fewer calories managing infrastructure and redirecting that energy towards driving innovation.

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Web-Scale IT is here

The way we consume goods and services has fundamentally changed. Thanks to companies like Amazon, Facebook, and Google, we expect delightful, intuitive, always-on digital experiences. And it’s not just consumers. Businesses have the same expectations. The web innovators changed the physics of IT.

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Chef: The Company Formerly Known as Opscode

This morning we announced we’ve changed the company name from Opscode to Chef. Aaaaaaand… the Earth is still spinning. As we circulated the idea of changing our company name amongst employees and some members of the Chef Community (and some total strangers, too) the reactions generally fell into one of four categories: Awesome, makes sense.

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Bio-IT World and Cycle Computing’s New ‘Grill’ Plug-In for Opscode’s Chef

We just returned from an extremely successful foray into Bio-IT World’s Cloud Computing Conference in La Jolla, Calif., where we were honored to present some of Opscode’s contributions to the world of cloud computing.

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Opscode Reaches Three Thousand Platform Customers, To Launch New Service Capabilities

Rhapsody, IGN Entertainment and ETSY Among Customers Using Opscode’s Cloud Infrastructure Automation Service SEATTLE, Wash – March 8, 2011 – Opscode, Inc., the leader in cloud infrastructure automation, today announced that more than 3,000 organizations have signed up to use the Opscode Platform since its commercial introduction in June, 2010.

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Rhapsody Turns To Opscode To Automate Data Center Infrastructure

Leading Provider of Online Subscription Music Uses Opscode Platform To Automate Infrastructure Delivering More Than 11 Million Songs To Consumers World-Wide SEATTLE, Wash – March 8, 2011 – Opscode, Inc., the leader in cloud infrastructure automation, today announced that Rhapsody, Inc., is using the Opscode Platform to automate its data center infrastructure.

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Dell, Opscode and Rackspace Demonstrate First Fully Automated Provisioning of Multi-Node Openstack Compute Clouds

Leading Cloud Infrastructure Vendors Demonstrate OpenStack Capabilities at Cloud Connect Conference Santa Clara, California – March 8, 2011 – Today, at the Cloud Connect conference, Dell, Opscode and Rackspace® are providing a demonstration of the first fully automated provisioning of a multi-node OpenStack™ cloud during an OpenStack meet up at the Cloud Connect conference.

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Rackspace Launches Services Business for OpenStack Cloud Deployments

Rackspace and its Partners are the OpenStack Experts Helping Enterprises and Service Providers Deploy and Support OpenStack Clouds March 8, 2011 – Organizations deploying OpenStack™, the open source cloud operating system, can now receive formal service and support offerings from Rackspace® Hosting, the world’s leading specialist in hosting and cloud computing.

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