Rhapsody Turns To Opscode To Automate Data Center Infrastructure

Leading Provider of Online Subscription Music Uses Opscode Platform To Automate Infrastructure Delivering More Than 11 Million Songs To Consumers World-Wide


SEATTLE, Wash – March 8, 2011 – Opscode, Inc., the leader in cloud infrastructure automation, today announced that Rhapsody, Inc., is using the Opscode Platform to automate its data center infrastructure.  Rhapsody is the leading provider of on-demand digital music in the United States, offering music fans the ability to explore more than 11 million songs through more touch-points than any other digital music service, including the Apple iPhone, iPod touch and Android mobile platform; and through devices from Vizio, SanDisk, HP, Sonos and Philips.  Rhapsody relies on the Opscode Platform to automate a complex IT infrastructure required to deliver a highly reliable music service through a tremendous diversity of end-user devices, including desktop applications, browsers, music players, smart phones and home entertainment units.

“It is a business imperative of Rhapsody to deliver a seamless music experience to our subscriber base and requires that we manage nearly 300 different application server configurations in order to stream a music catalog of more than 11 million songs to dozens of different devices,” said Paul Vandegrift, Director of Vendor and Partner Management, Rhapsody.  “Utilizing the Opscode platform has turned our greatest operational challenge into an operational advantage.”

Prior to using the Opscode Platform, the Rhapsody systems management team would spend hours and days building out countless, static system images to support a large, diverse and ever changing infrastructure.  Using the Opscode Platform and Chef, Rhapsody has turned infrastructure management into code, eliminating a complex set of manual tasks and replaced it with flexible and predictable Chef roles that can be applied and re-used to suit the needs of a dynamic infrastructure, ensuring that Rhapsody customers maintain a seamless music experience through more touch-points than any other digital music service.

About Opscode

Opscode is the leader in cloud infrastructure automation and provides the Opscode Platform, a widely used hosted service for configuration management and infrastructure automation. Opscode delivers Chef, the open source configuration management and integration framework used by thousands of organizations to manage and scale infrastructure. Founded in 2008, Opscode’s management team includes experts responsible for creating and operating some of the world’s largest websites and cloud computing platforms. The company is privately held and headquartered in Seattle, WA. More information can be found at

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