Spice Up Your Chef Usage on AWS

Looking for ways to spice up your Chef usage on AWS? In this recored session from ChefConf 2016, Josh Campbell, a partner solutions architect at AWS, shows you how to leverage services like AWS Lambda, AWS Key Management Service (KMS), Amazon CloudWatch Events, and Amazon EC2 Run Command with Chef. Josh introduces AWS services and demos how they can be used to better manage your Chef nodes.

Towards the end of this presentation, Franklin Hanson, Senior Manager of PaaS Delivery at Gannett joins the stage. Gannett is a leading media company and publisher of USA Today. Franklin shares how Gannett builds, tests, and delivers over 400 cookbooks on AWS. You’ll hear about the tools and process they use for building AMI’s and managing 1,000 Jenkins jobs to continuously deliver their Chef environment.

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Join us to learn:

  • How to develop at high velocity with Chef on AWS
  • How to create a culture of treating your AWS infrastructure as code
  • How Gannet uses Chef “cookbooks” on AWS to manage their USA Today infrastructure

Jamie Bright

Former Chef employee