Chef @Work: Telling Cool Customer Stories, Today and Everyday

Chef is cool. Chef is community. PR is not necessarily either of those things. We get that. But enabling customers to do great things – easier, faster and better – is cool. That is what Opscode’s all about: Customer success and enabling the community.

And somebody’s got to tell these stories… That’s where PR comes in.

Take for instance our friends at MercadoLibre, the leading e-commerce site in Latin America, or, as some have called them, the “eBay of Latin America.” Their business runs to the tune of 62M unique users and 2M requests/per minute.

That’s some serious traffic.

You can read all about what MercadoLibre has done with Chef here. Of course, that link takes you to an Opscode press release on our own corporate website.

But don’t take our word for it:

SearchDataCenter: DevOps, Opscode Chef automate online auction site’s private cloud

Thanks to some good reporting by TechTarget’s Alex Barrett, MercadoLibre’s story moves past some vendor’s website and into the media – where the great work MercadoLibre’s IT team is doing in using Chef and OpenStack to make their company’s operations smarter, faster and more efficient gets some much deserved publicity.

That’s PR: working with customers to turn their success into compelling media stories. Everybody wins.

Chef – whether hostedprivate or open source – enables users to do amazing things. I’m here to help tell those stories. My name is Lucas Welch and I just joined Opscode to manage PR & communications, focused on telling exciting customer stories again and again (and again).

Do you have a cool Chef story? If so, I’d love to hear about it in the comments, or via this email alias. Better yet, please submit a speakers proposal for #ChefConf here and get in on a unique opportunity to share your experiences with your peers.

Rule the Cloud.


Lucas Welch

Former Chef Employee