ChefConf 2017 in retrospect

Wow! ChefConf 2017 has been wrapped for a week now and we’re slowly recovering from all of the conference festivities. For those that were able to make it, we hope you had a blast and that on returning home you were energized to fuel the love of Habitat in your environments!

For those that weren’t able to join, don’t worry theres always next year and there’s also this lovely blog recap (the one you’re reading right now) to entice you into being a part of the community summit later this year.

There was an absolute overload of Habitat content this year from keynotes by Adam Jacob to Habi-Track talks by Fletcher Nichol and Jamie Winsor. But really, those talks were just the start. (Be sure to read to the end.)

For the second year in a row we set up a “Habitat Zone” in our ChefConf space for all-things-hab and it was, if I may say, pretty badass. We decked the zone out with lots of Habitat related swag including some pretty dope terrariums, trucker hats, tshirts and stickers. But, more importantly we also staffed the zone with core maintainers who were able to spend time hacking and answering questions. It doesn’t stop there.

My favorite part of the HabZone at ChefConf was that we had our own schedule of presentations from community members and folks who had been hacking with Habitat throughout the year and it was totally inspiring. The icing on the cake for the conference was that the Habitat community’s own Ben Dang was voted one of 2017’s Awesome Community Chefs. Many of you reading this probably know Ben and so it should come as no surprise that he won. His contribution to the community in the form of time and energy is absolutely the emobdiment of what a good FOSS steward is about. If you see Ben on slack please make sure to congratulate him and thank him for all he does for Habitat.

All in all it was a wonderful week. The Habitat community grew in size, friendships were formed and it was a really refreshing week to spend with like-minded individuals who believe in what we’re building. One of the last things that was particularly awesome was a new user of Habitat giving a keynote on Habitat + kubernetes. That individual of course was Kelsey Hightower who gave an overwhelmingly awesome presentation. Lucky for those of you that couldn’t make it that we’ve got it right here!


It was an excellent week for all of us on the team. We hope it was great for each of you as well. Be on the lookout soon for information on the Habitat Community Summit planned for the fall!

Ian Henry

As the Technical Community Advocate for Habitat, Ian is actively helping the Community and ecosystem grow., He spends much of his time helping people learn about containerization, distributed systems, and the ways that Habitat makes those things easy. Prior to joining Chef, Ian spent a number of years as an operational and tooling engineer.