ChefConf ’21 ends, and a Hackathon begins


Day 3 has come and gone, and in the blink of an eye the 10th annual ChefConf has come to an end. But we made sure to go out with a bang, bringing you awesome content and new contests to keep the DevOps and IT community informed and engaged.

We only had one session today, so we kicked off with a session led by Mendy Baitelman, senior director of dev process at Prodege. Baitelman detailed his team’s journey to ensure everyone’s environment was up to date as they acquired new sites and brought on new developers.

“About four years ago, we were looking to move all of our servers from our data center into AWS and we needed a way to be able to rebuild our servers before we moved them to Amazon,” he explained. “One of the things we ran into, though, was that we wanted to first rebuild our production environments in our data center before rebuilding it into Amazon to see if there were any issues in rebuilding the environments versus if it was an issue of being in Amazon.”

Baitleman shared the story of how he and his team used Chef to shorten their dev environment setup from a multiday process to a simple script that took moments to set up.

Snapshot of testimonials received by Mendy Baitelman's team implementing Chef

Automate for Good Hackathon Kickoff

The last item on the ChefConf ’21: Online agenda was the Automate for Good Hackathon Kickoff. Kiah Tolliver, developer advocate at Progress Chef, and benny Vasquez, manager of DevRel and community at Progress Chef, announced the six-week Hackathon, which promises to be bigger than any hack days we’ve done before. Participants have the chance to win $60,000 in potential prizes – this is one competition you’ll want to follow.



If you want to join the hackathon, sign up over at DevPost and get your team together, and then join us in #hackathon on our community slack for more discussions, connections, and help.

Miss something?

If you missed any of the stories told this year, all of the sessions will be available on-demand for the entire month of September at You can watch or re-watch any of talks as many times as you’d like!


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