ChefConf Online Session Recordings: Chef Habitat Week

We are halfway through the Month of ChefConf! Did you get to sit in on some sessions about Chef Infra and Chef InSpec? If not, don’t worry! They’ll be available on demand after June 2, so sign up for ChefConf at In the meantime, it’s time for some talks about Chef Habitat!

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Tuesday, May 19, 12pm PDT / 3pm EDT

Have you tried Habitat yet? Do you have questions for someone who’s been there and worked on that? Join engineers from Panera Bread, Indellient, and Chef for a panel discussion on Panera’s journey with Habitat. Featuring Scott Lappin and Michal Rysanek from Panera Bread; Greg Schofield from Indellient; and Chef’s Matt Wrock and Eric Calabretta. 

Panel: At The Edge: App configuration and deployment as code – a PaneraBread Cafe automation story

Come see how we overcame unreliable networks, low bandwidth (T1), and near 24×7 operations to improve our speed and efficiency to thousands of cafes with tens of thousands of devices. Our cafés, while critical to our business, have numerous constraints you don’t find in a standard data centers or the cloud.

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Wednesday, May 20, 1pm PDT / 4pm EDT

David McMaster from NetDocuments will present You Did What? A Spectrum of Chef Habitat Implementations:

Habitat can be intimidating to adopt as it is considerably different than its predecessor, chef infrastructure. This talk will go over a few different partial implementations of habitat from binary management to full blown habitat environments.

The intent will be to cover ways an organization can use habitat to solve application level issues. Hopefully to both get more comfortable with habitat and solve problems within some limitations for a given org.

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Wednesday, May 20, 4pm PDT / 7pm EDT

Join Awesome Community Chef Graham Weldon for more on Habitat. Graham’s been using Habitat since its early days, and he’s going to take you through Habitat, Step 2:

Learning Habitat is easy. Learning how to take it to production can be tricky! Experience how to bridge that gap during Graham’s presentation about production Habitat services.

Learn about the difference between “getting started” Habitat demonstrations, and the efforts required to go to production during a deep dive into Habitat package architecture, deployment and orchestration with one of the primary Habitat core-plans developers!

Get your questions answered by a key contributor to the Habitat core-plans.

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Thursday, May 21, 12pm PDT / 3pm EDT

Indellient is a key Chef partner for Habitat implementation projects. Join Indellient’s Yonathan Koren for Is Effortless Effortless in Practice?

This talk begins with an overview of Chef Effortless’ debut in 2019 and the historical challenges stemming from Chef Infra which Effortless attempts to solve. This talk will recount a first-hand experience of an organization’s movement away from Chef Server to Chef Effortless inside their own datacenter, and how the gradual retirement of the datacenter’s Chef Server was met with challenges in regards to Secrets Management and Configuration Management. We will delve into why these challenges were encountered – because the organization was reliant on Encrypted Data Bag Items and environment-based Cookbook workflows, both features which disappear when moving to the Habitat-driven Chef Effortless model – and how these challenges were overcome.

We introduced the Effortless model last year at ChefConf, and this year it’s time for some lessons learned.

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Thanks for Joining Us!

We’ve seen a few of you in multiple sessions, which has been awesome! We hope you’ve found the experience valuable during this experimental year. We have one more week of Cool Stuff for you, so stay tuned! 

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