ChefConf Sponsor Spotlight: Careers

Continuing our series of posts about the tremendous sessions, workshop, and sponsors at ChefConf 2015, this blog is dedicated to the many career opportunities you can explore at ChefConf, including those at two of our sponsors – Target and Disney.

Both Disney and Target continue to be major contributors to the Chef community and will have booths on-site to plug attendees into the exciting job opportunities they have for all you talented Chefs, developers, and IT pros out there.

You’ve likely watched Target’s talk from last year about instituting DevOps in a large enterprise, while many of you have worked with the Disney team on the IRC and elsewhere. These companies are just two of many organizations that will be supporting the Chef community at the show and looking for talented folks ready for new challenges.

We hope you’ll join us in Santa Clara, March 31 – April 2, for a wide range of dynamite talks, events, and, of course, to explore careers at innovative companies using IT and software to delight their customers.

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Lucas Welch

Former Chef Employee