ChefConf Spotlight: After Hours

ChefConf is officially 3 weeks away! In the past few weeks we’ve been spotlighting the many engaging sessions, workshops, and sponsors taking place March 31 – April 2. But, as any of you who attended last year know, ChefConf is also straight up fun. And lots of it.

Things get going Tuesday, 3/31, with the Welcome Reception. Food, drink and just about everyone attending the show together for one fun-filled evening. If you’d rather jump right into tech conversations, we’re hosting a Chef Meetup at Ooyala starting at 6pm. RSVP.

On Wednesday morning you can get your mind and body pumped up for the show by joining either our Yoga class or 5K group Fun Run.  Both events start at 7am, so don’t party too late Tuesday night.  Yoga will be first come, first serve as space allows. Please register for the fun run.  If you’re already registered for the show, you can add this event to your registration by selecting the ‘already registered’ button, entering your confirmation code and email, the selecting the modify button on the upper right of the page.

After a day chock full of awesome talks and plenary sessions, Wednesday night features multiple options for fun, friends, and food. First is the Sponsors’ Happy Hour with food and drink for all. Then we host ChefConf’s first-ever Game Night for all of you seeking a quieter but equally fantastic/al brand of fun. Or, walk over to Levi’s Stadium After Party for a night of celebrating co-hosted by us and VMWare.

But wait…Thursday is action-packed, as well. Yoga gets our minds and bodies ready for another delightful day starting 7am. We’ll cap off a tremendous 2nd day with our Awesome Chef Awards in the exhibit hall. A show favorite each year, these awards a wonderful time to see, support, and participate in the best and brightest from the Chef community.

Still going? So are we! On Friday we’re hosting a radical Hack Day, sponsored by Microsoft. If you’re looking to take your ChefConf experience to the max, then join us for this special event.

If you made it this far, you a) now know ChefConf will rock from morning ’til night and b) you get to enjoy some Chef Unikitten.


Lucas Welch

Former Chef Employee