ChefConf Spotlight: Microsoft Sessions, Workshops & More

Last week we announced a new partnership with Microsoft, which was driven in large part by the intense demand we’re seeing in the enterprise for Chef x Azure, Chef x Powershell, and Chef x Visual Studio.

When we asked past ChefConf attendees, customers, and the wider Chef community what they wanted to see at this year’s show, “more Windows” was a resounding front-runner. So, we connected with our friends in Redmond to deliver a wide range of Microsoft x Chef content at ChefConf – read below for the goods.

– [Workshop] (3/31) Orchestrating Linux workloads and Docker containers on Azure with Chef: Co-presented by both Microsoft and Chef engineers, this is a full day workshop to learn how to dynamically provision and manage Linux and Docker workloads with Chef on top of a Microsoft Azure infrastructure. [200 Level Material, Basic Chef experience expected]

– [Workshop] (3/31) Introduction to Chef – Managing Windows: This is another full day workshop providing a hands-on tutorial that will cover the basics you need to know about how to use Chef to manage Windows systems.

– [Session] (4/1) The Chef Prince of Azure – How 10th Magnitude used Chef to flip ZS Associates into Azure Royalty: Come hear the rap on how ZS Associates, a Global Sales and Marketing Data Firm, massively accelerated their change velocity and eradicated manual config errors by implementing Chef on Azure.

– [Session] (4/1) Entering the Chef ecosystem from a Windows background: Previously spotlighted, this session is presented by Matt Wrock, principal software engineer at CenturyLink Cloud.

– [Session] (4/2) Automate what you can, document what you can’t, and have the wisdom to know the difference: Presented by Microsoft technical evangelist Jessica DeVita. This session will focus on how automation and documentation are being used in the medical field and how to apply the cultural strategies and communication skills from critical care medicine to IT teams and devops initiatives.

– [Session] (4/2) Powershell from the Ground Up: Presented by Microsoft distinguished engineer and the creator of Powershell, Jeffrey Snover. This talk will teach the basics of PowerShell and how it enables Chef to be a great configuration management platform for Windows workloads.

If you made it this far, then you’ve gotten the full download on our extensive Microsoft menu for ChefConf. You’ll also be able to chat with Microsoft’s Azure experts on the Expo floor or at our architect bar during the show.

Register today and we’ll see in in Santa Clara!

Lucas Welch

Former Chef Employee