#ChefConf Talk Spotlight: “Pursuing New Ideas in a Large Enterprise” by Target’s Jeff Einhorn

The steady march to #ChefConf (April 15-17 in San Francisco) continues with another spotlight on one of the many tremendous presentations that will go down at our third annual shindig.
Jeff Einhorn, Target’s Group Manager for Infrastructure Strategy & Architecture, will be presenting “Pursuing New Ideas in a Large Enterprise – Innovation, an Automation account,” at 10:15 am on Thur., 4/17. Here’s how Jeff describes his talk:

“Leading change in a large and profitable enterprise is challenging for a number of reasons ranging from organizational inertia to project prioritization. Patience and persistence will be needed for leaders tasked with driving change while maintaining profitability. Successful leaders must also balance existing corporate success against the opportunity to improve. Pursuing new ideas always comes with the risk of failure, but failing to continuously improve will also lead to quickly losing market share in a very competitive market. For many large organizations, better IT automation offers a great way to enable innovative risk-taking through cost reduction and faster delivery.”

Many of you enjoyed Rob Cummings’ talk last year – “Level Up Change in Your Enterprise” – that was based on his ongoing work at Nordstrom. Jeff’s keynote builds on Rob’s themes from a different company’s perspective, offering an opportunity to hear about new approaches and solutions to challenges so many organizations face when confronted with the need to change.

Jeff continues:

“This talk is a summary of my experiences championing better infrastructure service delivery through automation. I will share the approach we took and the challenges we faced, as well as a few tips learned from mistakes we’d made along the way.”

Jeff’s presentation will be eye-opening and useful for anyone looking to drive, or already involved in, organizational and technological change in their business. Which is just about everyone. So you won’t want to miss it!

Jeff’s sixteen-year career covers a broad spectrum of industries including healthcare, weather forecasting, financial services, and retail. He has led a number of different enterprise-scale technology initiatives over the years, and now leads the Infrastructure Strategy & Architecture group at Target, driving the adoption of emerging technologies and processes. Jeff embraces new ideas in his personal life as well, fueling his passion for continuous learning with advanced degrees in Computer Science, and Security Analysis & Portfolio Management. He is also an accomplished home brewer.

Register for #ChefConf today and then be sure to catch Jeff’s talk on 4/17.

Lucas Welch

Former Chef Employee