#ChefConf Talk Spotlight: “Chef @ Scale – Patterns for Success” from Yahoo

The countdown to #ChefConf continues as we spotlight the many Awesome Chefs presenting at the show, which takes place April 15-17 in San Francisco. Today we’re highlighting a presentation that focuses on something we hear a lot in association with Chef – scale.

Yes, we all know Chef has some serious scale, but what does that actually do in the real world?

Our good friends at Yahoo will help answer this question and more by sharing their experiences with Chef. Jordan Dea-Mattson and Jer Wuenschel have whipped up a dynamite talk, taking place at 1:25 pm on Thur., April 17.

Here’s how Jordan and Jer describe their session:

Scale isn’t just about how many nodes or users you have. Scale is also measured in a multitude of other dimensions: geographic locations, number of developers and products, platforms and stacks supported, diversity of processes, rate of change, historical investment in tools, etc. Each dimension of scale comes with its unique set of problems and challenges. As the first ‘Web Scale’ company, Yahoo is addressing the full range of these issues as it deploys Chef. In this talk, Yahoo’s core Chef Team will discuss their first take on some of the patterns for success with Chef @ Scale.

Jordan and Jer will have something for everyone, as pretty much every organization deals with some aspect of scale and its associated challenges. Not to mention Jordan and Jer both bring a ton of experience and expertise to the table. Jordan is Chef De Cuisine, Infrastructure, at Yahoo, and has worked with various computer systems at a swath of companies including Apple, Adobe, Ooyala, Grok/Numenta, and now, Yahoo. Most recently, he has focused on building Continuous Deployment pipelines and expressing infrastructure as code.

Meanwhile, Jer is Sous Chef, Continuous Delivery, at Yahoo, where he brings a life-long fascination with making computers work better everyday to work. Jer has worked on everything from embedded systems to web-scale tooling and infrastructure.

Register for #ChefConf today and don’t miss Yahoo’s two Awesome Chefs stirring up a delightful session.

Lucas Welch

Former Chef Employee