#ChefConf Talk Spotlight: “Cynic to Believer” from Schuberg Philis’ Sander van Harmelen

With four weeks to go until #ChefConf, we’re continuing to highlight the many Awesome Chefs presenting at the show. Today we’re previewing “Cynic to Believer – A Continuous Delivery Story w/Chef” by Sander van Harmelen from Schuberg Phillis. Sander’s talk takes place at 11:35 am on Wed., April 16.

Sander’s story is pretty interesting and may resonate with many of you. He began his Chef journey cynical of the platform, and especially doubtful it was much more than a configuration tool. Then he dug in and, well, I’ll let Sander tell it:

“It’s all about seeing the possibilities. Building and deploying a complete online savings bank in about 30 minutes using only Jenkins, CloudStack, and Chef didn’t seem possible to me. Then I did it. Don’t believe me? Wonder about the how, what, and why of doing full CI/CD based on these tools? So did I! Before I actually started with Chef little more than a year ago, I was against using Chef for anything else than config management. But then I started seeing the possibilities.”

Sander’s presentation will include a demo of exactly how he and the Schuberg Philis team started with new VM’s and no OS and built an online savings bank using only Chef, Jenkins, and CloudStack.


Sander is a mission-critical engineer at Schuberg Philis, where he helps build and maintain business-critical systems with 100% uptime. This means everything Schuberg develops and builds needs to perform perfectly, even when it fails.

Sander’s been at Schuberg for six years, and in IT for more than 15. He has expertise in both coding and operations, giving him the ability to literally live DevOps. As he says,

“This makes my current transformation to treating infrastructure as code – or treating most everything as code – something very natural.”

If Sander’s story catches your interest register for #ChefConf today, then be sure to catch Sander’s presentation late the morning of 4/16.

Lucas Welch

Former Chef Employee