#cheffriends at Velocity Santa Clara 2015

The Velocity Conference holds a special place in the hearts of Awesome Chefs everywhere. For many of us, DevOps was born with John Allspaw and Paul Hammond’s 10+ Deploys Per Day at Velocity 2009. Since then, Chef founders, employees, and many of the Chef Community’s most ardent supporters have graced the Velocity stage year after year, sharing practices, challenges, experiences, laughs, and more.

This year’s Velocity Santa Clara once again brings together a diverse group of voices from the Chef Community – potentially the single largest collection of Chef stories at a single Velocity yet.

Read on for a full itinerary of Chef goodness at next week’s show and if you’re attending, be sure to swing by booth 321 for Chef Tees, stickers, mints, and the popular “DevOps Kung Fu” posters.

Wed., May 27

Adam Jacob leads off Velocity’s training day with DevOps Kung Fu for Everyone at 9:15 am. Meanwhile, Jez Humble heads up training for High Performance Organizations from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm and Jennifer Davis joins Katherine Daniels, Etsy Ops Engineer, to lead training for Effective DevOps, during the same time period. Finally, Nicole Forsgren is taking part in the Business at Web Speed panel at 12:15 pm.

Thur., May 28

Our friends at Intuit get things going with a keynote at 9:55 am about lessons learned from running large-scale apps in a hybrid cloud. Then at 11:50 am, our friends Target and Parse/Facebook tell their DevOps stories in separate sessions. Finally, at 4:10 pm, the good folks at Etsy share their success patterns (sidebar: read about Etsy’s use of Chef in this recent CIO journal article), while in a separate session our Mandi Walls talks organizational pathologies in IT.

If you made it this far then you can see there’s plenty of Chef delight to go around at Velocity. Hope to see you all next week in Santa Clara!

Lucas Welch

Former Chef Employee