Chef’s Impact upon Toyota Financial Services

When we talk about Effortless Infrastructure, that is exactly what Toyota Financial Services’ Manager of Cloud Services, Mo Malik, and Manager of Cloud Automation Services, Carlos Soriano had in mind when they set out to deliver a reliable, scalable, user-friendly service for their customers. Toyota Financial Services’ cloud is now two years old and getting better and better all the time.

Prior to the birth of TFS’s cloud, it would take 1 to 3 months before customers could get their hands on infrastructure, which did not benefit the organization nor did it foster innovation. Now, two years later, they have a fully functional hybrid cloud environment where users, such as app team members, can request infrastructure through a self-service portal with Service Now as their service management platform.

Getting their cloud up, Mo and Carlos started a discovery process where they set out to standardize processes, change their offerings, as well as have a really focused initial scope on Windows and Linux servers.

Following the Kaizen philosophy of Toyota where continuous improvements are introduced regularly, Mo and Carlos set to build their cloud environment with an ambitious vision broken down into many smaller milestones. They continue to leverage their Service Now front-end so users have a delightful experience with the same interface and a growing service catalogue.

What’s next for this Cloud team? They will be rolling out IaaS and DBaaS to their customers and after that, there will be a lot more. What is central to knowing if they’ve done well is gauging customer satisfaction and focusing in on the user experience to make sure what they are delivering is both beneficial and delivering value to the business.

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Sam Danyal

As a Customer Success Manager, Sam has been delighting Chef customers since 2016.