Congratulations to our ChefConf London 2019 Award Winners

Our second dose of ChefConf for 2019 is now complete! Our inaugural ChefConf London was a great success, bringing together ChefFriends from all over for talks, workshops, hallway track, and a cruise on the Thames. If you missed it this year, keep an eye out for next year!

Awesome Community Chefs

One of the benefits of having two ChefConfs is having two opportunities to recognize some Awesome Community Chefs! To kick off London, we recognized two folks who have been contributing to our projects. Maybe you’ve used some of their code!

Thomas Heinen

Thomas Heinen

Thomas is a Senior Cloud Consultant at tecRacer in Germany. His work on updating integrations with VMware have been excellent and has given the Chef community a solid framework for working with vcenter. He’s been described as “crazy helpful” and we’re lucky to have his continuing contributions to kitchen-vcenter. Thanks, Thomas!

Jason Field

Jason Field

Jason is DevOps Team Lead at Calastone in London. As a member of Sous Chefs, Jason has been “crushing it”. Jason helps new contributors and has contributed amazing work to cookbooks and Windows resources. Thank you, Jason!

Customer Awards

We also get to recognize some of our great partners and customers in the EMEA region! These teams help us help other organizations be successful and learn to become coded enterprises.

Chef Advocacy Award – Intility


Intility, based in Norway, is an industrialized and fully managed platform service used by more than 600 companies across 2000 locations in Norway and the rest of the world. They’re delivering DevOps and Cloud solutions for businesses of all types.  They have created a fantastic Chef Community in Oslo and run regular meet up groups sharing their experiences with others. Thanks for being a Chef partner!

Chef Enterprise Adoption Award – Barclays


Barclays is a long time user of Chef Infra in a number of different teams. They’ve also deployed Chef InSpec to help them with automating their compliance needs, and shared that story with us at the Chef London Summit in the past.  It was fantastic to have them on stage at the first ChefConf in London to bring that story to a wider audience. Thank you to our longtime ChefFriends at Barclays!

ChefConf Videos are Up!

If you missed out on ChefConf this year, all is not lost. You can watch the recordings from ChefConf Seattle, which are already up on the ChefConf site, so you can have your own ChefConf, at home in your pjs with your cat if you’d like. Or share videos with your coworkers, have a mini ChefConf in the office. Drop us a note at [email protected] and we’ll send you some stickers. And get ready for ChefConf 2020! June 1-4 in Seattle! See you there!

Mandi Walls

Mandi is Technical Community Manager for Chef. She can be found online @LNXCHK.