Continuous Automation Using HPE Synergy and Chef Automate

As we kick off HPE Discovery today in Madrid, it’s a great opportunity to look at how HPE and Chef are working together to help IT organizations build and manage great applications securely at scale. HPE and Chef have partnered together to bring cloud-like speed and automation to the world of bare metal hardware. You can increase speed, become more efficient, and reduce your risk by using Chef Automate along with HPE OneView to manage your Synergy hardware. The Chef OneView cookbook gives you programmatic access to all aspects of your infrastructure, and allows you to build complex application stacks or virtual machines quickly and efficiently in your own data center. Once everything is built correctly you can continuously monitor your infrastructure for compliance using Chef Automate.

No App Left Behind

HPE has introduced the Synergy platform which brings modern infrastructure as code, or composable infrastructure, to the world of bare metal server hardware. Now, you can build compute, storage, and network resources from a fluid, dynamic pool of hardware located in your own data center. HPE Synergy can be managed via HPE OneView, which is a standard API platform for configuring all HPE hardware. This enables a hybrid approach where the same rack of blade servers can be used to run both traditional legacy applications, as well as more modern applications that run inside virtual machines or containers.

Chef Automate for Synergy

To help Synergy customers get the most from their investment, Chef is bringing infrastructure as code into the realm of Synergy hardware provisioning. The OneView Chef Cookbook contains reusable Chef resources that you can use to build your network, compute, and storage infrastructure. Instead of manually racking, stacking, cabling, and configuring machines, you can focus on delivering new application features and capabilities to your customers. HPE calls this the idea economy. Disruption is all around us, and the ability to turn an idea into a new product or a new industry is more accessible than ever before. Modern software-driven organizations need to move fast, be more efficient, and remain compliant with security requirements. Chef and HPE can help you achieve these goals and ship your ideas faster.

Let’s start by taking a closer look at HPE OneView. HPE OneView offers a software-defined approach to managing infrastructure programmatically so you can deploy infrastructure faster, simplify lifecycle operations, and improve productivity with efficient workflow automation and a modern dashboard.

HPE OneView allows you to:

Deploy infrastructure faster – IT generalists can quickly respond to changing business requirements by rapidly and reliably composing and updating compute, storage, and network resources using automated templates created by IT specialists.

Simplify lifecycle operations – Simplify IT operations with a single, unified view of the health of thousands of servers, profiles, and enclosures across multiple data centers using HPE OneView Global Dashboard.

Increase productivity – Automate resource provisioning, configuration. and monitoring with the HPE OneView unified API. Software developers and ISVs can deploy infrastructure as code for more aligned, responsive service delivery.

Simplify your hybrid IT environment – Transform servers, storage, and networking into software-defined infrastructure to eliminate complex manual processes, spur IT collaboration, and increase the speed and flexibility of IT service delivery.

Everything begins with the standard Application Programming Interface, or API. OneView provides an API that you can interact with using a configuration management system like Chef. HPE and Chef have partnered to provide reusable code resources in the OneView Chef cookbook, that can provision all of your Synergy environments without resorting to error-prone and slow manual processes.

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Kimberly Payton

Kimberly Payton is a Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships at Chef Software. For 20 plus years, Kimberly has developed and grown strategic engagements and solutions offered together with key partners that enable customers to modernize and transform their hybrid environments. Her expertise is in both hardware and software based companies with a specialty in open source technologies. She’s based in Austin TX with her family and enjoys friends, soccer, exercising and the outdoors.