Cookbook Releases

A few weeks ago, we migrated the opscode/cookbooks repository to separate repositories per-cookbook in a new organization on GitHub.

We have already received more than 50 pull requests! Thank you for your contributions and participation. You are all awesome.

While we haven’t gotten through all the old repository’s pull requests; we’re still making progress there. If you have an open pull request in either location, thank you for your patience.

We also made a number of cookbook releases in the last week. Special thanks to Bryan Berry for his work on adding a LWRP for the sudo cookbook, and for his (ongoing) work on the Java cookbook to deal with changes made upstream. Thanks also go to Jamie Winsor, who added module compilation support for the nginx source recipe, based on a list in an attribute setting.

apache2 1.1.6

With the updated mod_php5 recipe, the apache2 cookbook should now be fully functional on FreeBSD systems. Thanks to Andrea Campi, and for the FreeBSD-specific cookbook (below).

  • [COOK-1025] – mod_php5 on freebsd, needs “freebsd” cookbook

database 1.2.0

This update fixes disk renaming in newer versions of Ubuntu, and corrects the string interpolation difference between Ruby 1.8 and 1.9. Thank you for the device renaming, Jon-Erik Schneiderhan.

  • [COOK-749] – localhost should be a string in snapshot recipe
  • [COOK-970] – workaround for disk [re]naming on ubuntu 11.04+
  • [COOK-1085] – check RUBY_VERSION and act accordingly for role

freebsd 0.0.2

This was released a few weeks ago, to provide some helpers for installing customizations for packages on FreeBSD. Thank you, Andrea Campi!

java 1.5.0

The main change here is a workaround to resolve a change made upstream by Oracle that requires a browser session cookie being set to download the JDK. Thanks, Bryan Berry!

  • [COOK-1114] – fix File.exists?
  • [COOK-1146] – Oracle now prevents download of JDK via non-browser

nagios 1.2.6

You can select the path to the “mail” binary as an attribute now, so notifications actually get sent. Or not, to prevent pages in the night ;). Thanks, Paul Welch!

  • [COOK-860] – set mail command with an attribute by platform

nginx 0.101.0

This cookbook had a healthy amount of refactoring by Jamie Winsor to support module compilation based on an attribute. See the README for more details on how this works. Thanks Jamie!

  • [COOK-477] – module compilation support in nginx::source
  • [COOK-1115] – daemonize when using init script

postfix 1.0.0

We’re stamping a “1.0” on the postfix cookbook with two great features: it works on RHEL platforms (and replaces sendmail), and you can manage /etc/aliases with a recipe. Thank you Alex Soto for the aliases recipe, and Adam Mielke for the work for RHEL platforms.

Note that only Ubuntu 10.04 has a template for /etc/aliases, in the templates/ubuntu-10.04 directory. To use this on other platforms, add the template in the appropriate platform-specific directory, or just drop one off in templates/default. Don’t forget to set a hash of aliases as an attribute in the appropriate role.

  • [COOK-668] – RHEL/CentOS/Scientific/Amazon platform support
  • [COOK-733] – postfix::aliases recipe to manage /etc/aliases

sudo 1.1.0

Sudo version 1.7.2 introduced a new feature, called the #includedir directive. It allows you to drop off “sudoers” in /etc/sudoers.d, similar to other “conf.d” style configuration files.

Bryan Berry, with an assist from Fletcher Nichol, added a lightweight resource to manage sudo entries. This means you can easily add specific sudo permissions where required, such as for application users. Thanks guys!

  • [COOK-350] – LWRP to manage sudo files via includedir (/etc/sudoers.d)

varnish 0.9.0

Patrick Connolly added a recipe to the varnish cookbook to use the Varnish project’s apt repository, so you can install newer versions of varnish than may be available from your distribution. Thanks Patrick!

Lew Goettner added more attributes and spruced up the config templates to use them, giving this cookbook more flexibility for configuring varnish. Thanks Lew!

  • [COOK-873] – full daemon configuration through attributes
  • [COOK-1091] – fix path for default.vcl, via COOK-873
  • [COOK-1162] – add apt_repo recipe for using official varnish repository

Joshua Timberman

Joshua Timberman is a Code Cleric at CHEF, where he Cures Technical Debt Wounds for 1d8+5 lines of code, casts Protection from Yaks, and otherwise helps continuously improve internal technical process.